Lucy the Horse

Lucys story-so far……

When we first began filming for the ministry, we had another horse. But due to circumstances we were no longer able to use that horse.  So we needed to find another one.
So the hunt was on to find a suitable horse for our ministry. We were looking for a horse that was quiet and personable, and it needed to have good camera presence. Also a good height so it would not be too intimidating to children. We didn’t want a mare, nor a bay/brown. Neither did we want a standardbred.   The reason for this was, mares can be a bit moody and geldings usually have even temperaments. We decided against the bay/brown colour because we thought   it wouldn’t  present  as  well on camera, and I didn’t really want another standardbred because we already had two at home and they are super slow.

After much prayer, my parents and I, along with the help of friends, began searching for the right horse that I knew God had planned for us.
There were many phone calls and dead ends, we viewed two beautiful horses in Hobart which was a full day travelling there and back, the horses had great presence but were not quite what we were looking for. On the way back from our second trip mum said her main priority for a horse was my safety, we all agreed. Then mum said I wish we could find Lucymae, I just know she would be perfect.
So we all prayed again for God to give us guidance, we no longer had a criteria except that the horse was to be safe and it was the horse that God wanted for the ministry.
Now you are probably wondering who is Lucymae?

Well that is a story, 18months ago on the 7th of January 2013 we went to the harness racing, now what is a Christian family doing at the races you may ask.
Well because we have two Standardbred horses at home I was wondering what their life was before they came to live with us, so my parents took me to the harness racing at Devonport to see what it was. It was interesting but mum and I decided we would prefer to look around the stables, dad was bored so he went back to the car to read a book and wait for us.
Mum and I had nearly finished looking at the horses when mum grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to a horse, I thought mum was behaving rather strangely, she was totally drawn to this horse. Mum   started asking the man all sorts of questions like,  what was she like to handle, how old was she, when will she finish racing etc, we found out that this was likely her last race and if she didn’t do well she might be available for purchase or she might go into breeding, mum gave the man her contact details.
We watched Lucymae race and I took some photos, she didn’t do well and mum was very happy, but we already had enough horses. So why was mum drawn to this horse?
18 months later we found out, mum never forgot this little filly, God had impressed her mind.

Back to our search for a horse.
As I said, mum really thought that Lucymae was the right horse because there was something special about her and she had been so strongly attracted to her, mum said when she saw her everything else faded around her and it was like Lucymae glowed, mum was drawn to her so strongly but she didn’t know why.
Where was Lucymae now?  She could be anywhere.  We all prayed again as a family and if she was the right horse, we asked God to lead us to her.
When we arrived home mum and I got on the internet and did some research and within 10 minutes we were talking to the owner of Lucymae and mum was making arrangements to pick her up.
Mum got off the phone, said that she was ours and we all jumped up and down with excitement and praised Jesus for the amazing way He had lead us, thank you Jesus You are awesome.
Two days later on the 3rd of July mum and I traveled to Scottsdale to pick up Lucy, it was so exciting, I couldn’t remember what she looked like or how big she was or anything but we knew she was the right horse because she was God’s horse. We had found out that she had been broken to saddle so at least mum didn’t have to do that, she was ready to go
When I saw Lucy I just knew she would be perfect, she was the right size, she was a dark bay, she was a Standardbred and she was gorgeous.
Within a week we started filming with Lucy, she looks fantastic on film and has a great personality, she is safe and funny, she is very even tempered and is very intelligent, she learns extremely fast.

Lucymae loves going different places to do filming, she even has a special hat, she loves to play with things and loves going out on rides with her horsey friends. She thought water was a bit strange, something to jump over rather than walk through, but she is learning to walk through it with the help of her horsey friend, Paul.

Lucy is the perfect horse for the ministry and I just love her so much, Thank you Jesus.

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